Kilbeggan AHP Ratings

16:25 Kilbeggan 2m Mdn Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Enchanted One Enchanted One 47
Estepona Sun Estepona Sun 59
Limit Long Limit Long
The Alpha Man The Alpha Man 56
Quel Reve Quel Reve
Action Station Action Station
Ithaka Ithaka
Jet Fighter Jet Fighter
Linden Blaze Linden Blaze
More To Follow More To Follow
Pats Choice Pats Choice
Come On Du Berlais Come On Du Berlais
Edge Of My Seat Edge Of My Seat 49
Starlight Oasis Starlight Oasis
Steel Queen Steel Queen
Red Lodge Red Lodge
Cant Stop Smiling Cant Stop Smiling

17:00 Kilbeggan 2m3f Nov Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
I Dont Get It I Dont Get It 88
Mister Beeton Mister Beeton
Roaring Potter Roaring Potter
Senecia Senecia
Champagne Problem Champagne Problem

17:35 Kilbeggan 2m3f Hcap Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Wojood Wojood 113
Clever Currency Clever Currency 109
Deja Rouge Deja Rouge 108
Rotten Row Rotten Row 105
Via Rosa Via Rosa 105
Fulysse Fulysse 103
Lariat Lariat 103
Sargent Lightfoot Sargent Lightfoot 103
Joeswayornoway Joeswayornoway 102
Lady Heath Lady Heath 102
Mountain Fox Mountain Fox 102
Grozni Grozni 100
Run Like Fada Run Like Fada 98
Veneziano Springs Veneziano Springs 97
Innisfree Beauty Innisfree Beauty 96
Rare Conor Rare Conor 92
Milan Echo Milan Echo 92

18:10 Kilbeggan 3m1f Mdn Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Blazing Yeats Blazing Yeats
Bowtie Bowtie
Dawnoverdurrow Dawnoverdurrow
Gali Flight Gali Flight 105
Grand Soir Grand Soir
Highland Sting Highland Sting 99
Itso Vango Itso Vango
Polo Express Polo Express
Run For Pat Run For Pat 119
Sarsfield Sarsfield
Try It On John Try It On John
Valley Breeze Valley Breeze
Keep D Change Keep D Change

18:45 Kilbeggan 3m1f Hcap Chs

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Daicheadacuig Daicheadacuig 93
Chief Seattle Chief Seattle 89
Three Loud Knocks Three Loud Knocks 89
Good Man Turk Good Man Turk 88
Crobally Boy Crobally Boy 87
Crimson Chief Crimson Chief 85
Local Rogue Local Rogue 85
Back The West Back The West 83
Humps And Bumps Humps And Bumps 83
Rudy Catrail Rudy Catrail 82
Mount Callan Mount Callan 80
Fr Gilligansvoyge Fr Gilligansvoyge 75
Greenway Machine Greenway Machine 75
Double Windsor Double Windsor 74
Carlotalin Carlotalin 81
Born Famous Born Famous 90
Garrai Phaidin Garrai Phaidin 73

19:20 Kilbeggan 3m1f Hcap Chs

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Siberian Prince Siberian Prince 130
Jack Hackett Jack Hackett 127
Old Town Garde Old Town Garde 123
Brave Way Brave Way 118
Goodnightngodbless Goodnightngodbless 106
Presenting Bonnie Presenting Bonnie 104
Arthurs Baby Arthurs Baby 104
Father Jed Father Jed 104

19:55 Kilbeggan 2m INHF

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Haddock De Grissay Haddock De Grissay
Lake Winnipesaukee Lake Winnipesaukee
Memories Never Die Memories Never Die
Save Face Save Face
Song For My Father Song For My Father
Special Rate Special Rate
Thecompanysergeant Thecompanysergeant
Artemis Angel Artemis Angel
Champagnesocialist Champagnesocialist
Cyndis Girl Cyndis Girl
Hi Ski Hi Ski
Macs Or Hayes Macs Or Hayes
Quaylago Quaylago
Set My Love Free Set My Love Free