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Split Second Ratings

Workshop Saturday.

I have been testing a new little pocket money earner. This involves using Betmover. This can be found @ The method is very easy. I look @ the Markets tab, top right take the Noon price, we only look at horses @ 10 or less. We then take 20% off this price, so for ease 10 - 20% =8 and this becomes the target price. If the horse hits the target price this then becomes a selection, we hope he will go even shorter as no bets are set until the race kicks off. What we now do is set a back price 20% Higher than the original price 10 + 20% = 12. The lay price is the lowest price the target horse has hit minus 20% so lets imagine our selection goes off @ 7. 7- 20 % = 5.6. this would be our lay price I have been backing @ 1pt, laying @ 3.5pts. The results look very promising, although it is still very early days. I will update this, Saturday was another promising day, along with today, I am now thinking we can go a bit further on back side. I think we should increase the 20% back side to 33% thus we can then adjust the staking 1pt Backing laying 4.5 pts

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