Wetherby AHP Ratings

14:10 Wetherby 2m Mdn Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Barrichello Barrichello 138
Biblical Biblical
Faraday Effect Faraday Effect 99
Fete Champetre Fete Champetre 93
Geonice Geonice
Jovial Spirit Jovial Spirit
Mo Henry Mo Henry 54
Not What It Seems Not What It Seems
Sergeant Oleary Sergeant Oleary 51
The Electrician The Electrician 112
Up For Parol Up For Parol 117
Urban Legend Urban Legend 61
One Step Too Far One Step Too Far

14:45 Wetherby 1m7f Nov Hcap Chs

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Pure Country Pure Country 104
Dexcite Dexcite 100 123
Shady Oaks Shady Oaks 99 100
Rollerruler Rollerruler 96 106
Follow Your Fire Follow Your Fire 95
Gris De Pron Gris De Pron 80
Go To Court Go To Court 78 121
Champion Chase Champion Chase 78 109
Silken Moonlight Silken Moonlight 78
Rann Of Kutch Rann Of Kutch 78

15:15 Wetherby 2m5f Mdn Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Atomic Angel Atomic Angel 92
Cailin Dearg Cailin Dearg
Caught Inthe Slips Caught Inthe Slips 66
Flexi Furlough Flexi Furlough 118
Gentle Rose Gentle Rose 70
Grenadine Save Grenadine Save
Hunny Moon Hunny Moon 136
Just Jess Just Jess
Ofthesea Ofthesea
Puppetonastring Puppetonastring
Robin Des Smoke Robin Des Smoke
Shanteen Island Shanteen Island
Stevie Smith Stevie Smith
Talk Of A Storm Talk Of A Storm
Tonis Oscar Tonis Oscar
Veshenskaya Veshenskaya 97
Zaras Universe Zaras Universe

15:50 Wetherby 2m3f Hcap Chs

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Zalvados Zalvados 125 137
Furax Furax 123
Oscar Robertson Oscar Robertson 123 143
Solar Impulse Solar Impulse 123 129
Punches Cross Punches Cross 118 129
Swift Crusador Swift Crusador 118 129
Hes No Trouble Hes No Trouble 117 124

16:20 Wetherby 2m Hcap Hrd

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Chti Balko Chti Balko 137 138
Shantou Express Shantou Express 134 138
Haafapiece Haafapiece 3 132 148
Pay The Piper Pay The Piper 129 144
Countister Countister 120 133
Da Vinci Hand Da Vinci Hand 120
Saint Arvans Saint Arvans 117 134
Diodorus Diodorus 116 127
Applaus Applaus 113 146

16:50 Wetherby 3m Hcap Chs

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Lex Talionis Lex Talionis 101 131
Chase The Wind Chase The Wind 100 114
Boa Island Boa Island 100 100
Mance Rayder Mance Rayder 100 114
Sigurd Sigurd 100 114
Going Mobile Going Mobile 94 102
Purcells Bridge Purcells Bridge 92 113
Hang Tough Hang Tough 92 115
Monte Alban Monte Alban 89 110
Nortonthorpelegend Nortonthorpelegend 102
Eaton Miller Eaton Miller 87 125
Farran Dancer Farran Dancer 81 111
Bene Regina Bene Regina 76 108

17:20 Wetherby 2m NHF

Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Black Minster Black Minster 100
Del La Mar Rocket Del La Mar Rocket 119
Glebe Aalin Glebe Aalin
Imperial Storm Imperial Storm 103
Lupus Regem Lupus Regem
Master Gustav Master Gustav
Raffertys Return Raffertys Return
Red Diamond Red Diamond
Ruler Ryde Ruler Ryde 84
Tea For Free Tea For Free
That Ships Sailed That Ships Sailed 97
Moriko De Vassy Moriko De Vassy 119
One For Navigation One For Navigation 100
Vintage Fizz Vintage Fizz