Workshop Flat update
Split Second Ratings

Workshop Flat update

This trial looks really promising. We had have some really near misses as well, notably Glassy Waters hitting 1.03.

I think we can really push the profits up here if we eliminate any runner that drifts 10 minutes before the off. For the sake of the system and ease of settling bets I always put up Bog odds, however everyone who reads my blogs knows how I actually feel about early odds and how refusing to take early odds is actually a much more sensible approach. Since I have been talking and betting alongside Phill,{Warlock} I now know that waiting and taking a bigger in running price is actually, long term the only realistic way to bet, and make longterm profits. Do not be afraid that you may not be matched, or you will miss winners. You won't.

I thought I would see if using nothing other than this method I could switch it to the jumpers.

14.00 Bobs Boy stands out as a qualifier, he does though look quite far behind on the ratings.

15.00 Nine Altars This looks the class in the race.