WSA BETS (Now Stopwatch)
Split Second Ratings

WSA BETS (Now Stopwatch)

17.5.17. 3.20 Kestrel Dot Com 6.


1.5 Team Meeting L 2.5 Masterston 2.68 Dead Heat. Our Kid 3.87 W Alfarris 3.1. 3.5 Blue Point 2.59 W Card Sharp 2.25 W 4.5.17 Authors Dream L 5.5.17 Silent Echo 4.5 W 6.5.17 14.55 Seventh House 2.2.W Churchill 2.5. W Permian 2.88 W 7.5.17.Fair Eva L Mister Manduru L Try Again 5 W 8.5.17 ARNOLD L Serenity Now L 9.5.17 LOGI L 10.5.17 NO BET. 11.5.17.Three Little Birds L Caponova L Oriental RelationL 12.5.17. Highland Pass L. Judicial 3 W. 13.5.17. Aqabah 3.5 W. Jaameh L 14.5.17.Dabulena W 3.5 15.5.17 Last Voyage 2.25 W 16.5.17.Spoof. L 17.5.17 Kestrel Dot Com 6 Win

Workshop April is a complete success. I will recommend this method these will now be the stopwatch selections for the remainder of the flat. These will be stopwatch headed bets. I suggest never taking a price, instead look to see if the selection drifts, if this is the case either back for place only, of ditch the bet completely. If the selestion remains steady or is backed in, take a bigger price in running. Good luck. Stopwatch. PLEASE SEE STOPWATCH UPDATES