Brother Tiger
Split Second Ratings

Brother Tiger

BROTHER TIGER looks to have a great chance in race where fractions may just win it. Personally @ 5.5 I have had a good bet to layoff. This does not mean I do not feel this horse has a great chance of winning, but getting the win is much harder in this sort of race, and @ these odds we can have a bet to nothing if the horse goes sub 3s, or alternatively you could the lay again @ sub 2s for a nice profit. This is the way to approach this race in my opinion.

7th Jan. Bears Rails looks over priced for the Sussex National. I am unsure if he is quite good enough to win the race. However at 10/3 for a top 3 place is a brilliant bet in my opinion, @ the odds you only need a very small bet on the win for a handsome reward if he actually does manage the win

6th Jan. It has been a while since I posted. The clock states Sheriff as the horse to beat and see this as a really good bet