April workshop review.
  Above: April Workshop Reviewed.
Split Second Ratings

April workshop review.

I feel this is a very good betting method, this will finish tomorrow. The method requires tweaks, there is absolutely no point back fitting, this is a common mistake of all rigid rules betting methods and we will steer clear of this approach

I want to keep things very simple, and 1 simple rule that will kick out losers and may turn a profit, will be to eliminate any horse that starts 2 points bigger than the best early price that has been put up.

It may well be that 2 points is actually a little high, as money really does talk, maybe 1.5 bigger will be the elimination point. Unfortunately it will be a case of trial and error I am afraid. Also looking at results, and horses we could have added, I feel we just stick with prize money. We will not include going, track grades, solely prize money. I will post up selections when I have time they will be WSA bets. (Workshop April) I am keen to see with these simple rules we can make a profit in. I will select 1.5 points bigger, these will not count on the results as they will be eliminated.

Monday we roll out the new May Workshop, Cunco was a good winner yesterday, I am unsure how this new trial will go if I am honest. Hopefully it will not completely bomb out. If it is hopeless, I will pull the plug.